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Here are some interesting places to visit. Some are imaging related, which is why you are at this site, but many are just helpful sites that we would like to share with you. We will try to keep this updated and mention what the linked site is all about. Enjoy...

A-OK Business Services - They are a privately owned and managed mail box service-our friendly, trained and knowledgeable staff member’s, are ready to assist you with rate quote information and clerical support. Mail Boxes are in compliance with postal specifications.
Top quality secured private mail boxes, accessible during hours of operation only, Monday thru Friday 7am – 7pm, and Saturday 9am – 5pm.
Delivery of mail is sorted and placed in your brass secured mail box, the same day, you are notified of parcels, large envelopes, or special serviced articles.
Receive and ship Federal Express, UPS, DHL, Express Mail, assist in packaging, we offer clerical services, we have a dedicated phone line to receive and send fax’ for clients and walk in traffic-line charge applies for int’l calls, message taking, phone in to check your mail.
Call for more information-808-591-2983, or fax request 808-596-0940
HPS Constructions Services - From handyman work to major renovetions to homes or commercial buildings, my friend Gerry Peters can do it all.


A Rainbow in Paradise - This a site owned by my good friend Kalona Ortiz who helps to coordinate and perform weddings for visitors and locals and like.

Galaxy 8 Art Galaxy8art.com featuring the art, music and writings of Ivan Krillzarin.

 Where everyone learns Photoshop - National Association of Photoshop Professionals